The inspiration of peasant common sense...

In search of the trick....

Nails, screws, nuts and other glues now assemble most of our furniture. With its range the clever La Chaise Française proposes to return to a simple and classic assembly.

The mortise and tenon embedding is reinterpreted here to achieve a pure form that reflects this poetic simplicity.

Tabouret traite exemple 1
Tabouret traite exemple 2
Tabouret traite exemple 3
Tabouret paysan ancien
Tabouret traite exemple 4
Tabouret traite exemple 5

A clever installation for a simple, refined and timeless design

This embedding is the signature of the clever.

  • The furniture is composed of:
  • A transparent base (pmma) 3 centimetres thick.
  • Three turned ash legs

On each foot are 2 silicone seals. These joints compress the wood inside the the seat for an effective support.

The furniture is delivered with an ash mallet. This mallet will be used to pack the conical part of the feet (just below the second seal) for optimal fixing.

Montage sans colle
Montage sans clous
Montage sans visses
Montage maillet

No glue, no nails, no screws, no nuts

Easy installation

Encastrer simplement à la main

1 - Embedding


2 - Aim

Tasser à l'aide du maillet

3 - Pressing

Encastrer en tournant

Gently insert the foot into the seat by turning it gently

Aligner les gommettes

Align the two rubber pads to ensure that the foot is properly aligned in the axis (on the seat and on the foot)

Terminez par tasser

Press the foot in the axis

Photo éclaté du tabouret
Le maillet paysan

Contents of the box set

Aligner les gommettes

A plexiglass seat

Encastrer en tournant

Three Ash feet and their silicone gaskets

Terminez par tasser le pied

A beech mallet



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